angelinux and other stuff

Priority work

Very soon I hope to reintroduce remote support over Reverse VNC, so I can make my 20+ years of Linux experience available to the masses.

This is particularly important as I reinvent as a web developer. This site is written primarily in Ruby, compiled and deployed. More details here.

What is Angelinux?

Angelinux is my own spin of Linux from Scratch. The ultimate goal is to create a functionality to automate the build. The obvious reason being that while it's very educational to do, timewise, it's a pain where you don't want one!

So, by automating the tedium, more of this time can be spent on the real benefits of customisation such as packages and kernel. This is even more painful, BUT it's a once-off so it's worth it.

Privacy and other stuff

Recent social media trends, loyalty cards, tracking and analytics have led to a serious erosion of privacy not only of all internet users, but of ordinary shoppers, with the average user engaging in what I call inadvertant digital prostitution.

I will try to provide pointers to help you protect yourself online, and in particular, how to avoid the potential pitfalls the future is likely to offer.

Because this is a new site...

In the next few weeks, I'm hoping to retrieve the material from the previous iteration of this site, and most of that will be available in the linux section.

And it's coming back, I'll be reintroducing the Support section where you can hand over your troublesome device to me over the internet.

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